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TapeCopy uses an explorer style GUI to display the contents of each tape. Each BACKUP saveset is shown along with the directories and files that it contains. Files and directories may be selectively restored from this tree/list display. Reads OpenVMS Backup tapes on a Windows computer Reads all tapes written with OpenVMS backup on 4mm, 8mm, DLT, IBM 3490, and other tape drives Converts all OpenVMS file types, including RMS sequential, relative, and indexed files Copies files directly from a OpenVMS tape to a Windows disk Scan mode shows which savesets are on a tape List mode shows which files are in each saveset Copy mode copies savesets from tape to disk for later restore Restore mode copies files from savesets on tape or disk and converts them for use on Windows Supports selective restore of files from savesets on tape or disk Supports OpenVMS savesets which span multiple tapes Supports tape block sizes up to 65535
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