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TapeCopy for VMS backup tapes screen shot
In this screen shot TapeCopy has read a OpenVMS backup tape which contains two backup savesets. The TapeCopy display shows the names of both savesets and lists the files within the first saveset.  The files are database files which include both indexed and sequential files.  TapeCopy can convert all of the files to Windows format for processing on Windows. The TapeCopy action icons allow a user to control the tape processing, such as: Select which tape drive to read Scan for savesets on a tape List the contents of savesets on a tape Copy the savesets on a tape to a Windows disk Rewind the tape Eject the tape Open a previously created tape listing Open a TapeCopy saveset which has been copied from tape to disk Restore all files on a tape to a Windows disk Open  an OpenVMS saveset which was copied to Windows without TapeCopy Restore selected files from a tape or disk saveset
TapeCopy screen shot