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TapeCopy allows OpenVMS BACKUP tapes to be read directly on a Windows computer. Files contained in the backup savesets are converted for use on Windows. TapeCopy works with all tapes written by OpenVMS BACKUP and supports tapes written with any block size including 64K bytes. Savesets which span multiple tapes are also supported. Migrate data from OpenVMS to Windows Data stored in OpenVMS database files can be easily converted to Windows database files. Use OpenVMS Backup to copy the OpenVMS files to tape. Use TapeCopy to read the OpenVMS tape and convert the data records in OpenVMS files to records in Windows files. Import records from the Windows files into a Windows database. Distribute VMS files to Windows Tape media can be used to transfer or distribute OpenVMS files to Windows computers when the volume of data is too large to transfer over a network or fit on a CD or DVD. VMS File Formats TapeCopy can convert all OpenVMS file formats for use on Windows. Multiple Windows Platforms The TapeCopy software runs on Windows servers and workstations running Windows XP  or greater.
TapeCopy - read OpenVMS backup tapes on Windows